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Mount up!

by on Jul.13, 2013, under General

Have you always wonder how to find some of the coolest mounts in Rift? Well, look no further as today there is a community post that explains how to get some of those mounts! Don’t be that guy in Rift PvP that is trotting around on the newbie turtle, now you have no excuse to be rockin’ a sweet mount!

Riding High – Exploring Some of RIFT’s Coolest Mounts

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Three Springs Dimension

by on Jul.01, 2013, under General

According to the Rift Community page, the “Three Springs Dimension” is coming! Check out the details on how you can become one of the first players to access this new content by clicking the link below:

Get it first – Three Springs Dimension

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Planer invasion incoming!

by on Jun.27, 2013, under General

Get ready for this weekend, because rumor has it that the planes will be opening en’ mass upon Silverwood and Freemarch! Bonus currency and rewards can be had for all, so make sure to come out and save the noobie zones from the clasps of evil! Read more about the event that runs from June 27th through July 2nd at the link below.

Freemarch & Silverwood UNDER SIEGE!

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RIFT Anniversary Video: The PvP goods

by on Mar.06, 2012, under RvR and PvP

If you missed the “RIFT Anniversary: A year in review and a look to the future!” video from just a few days back, then you probably did not catch on to the latest news as to what is coming for Rift PvP. We have paraphrased some of the key items that were talked about which can be heard in the video starting at the 3:45 minute mark:

  • Trying to go beyond the two faction system (could this mean 3 faction PvP? Expanded Merc system?)
  • Focusing on persistent world PvP (maybe a “fronteir” zone a’la DAoC with objectives?)
  • PvP that has long term ramifications for what you do in Rift

I can say that we are excited to hear this news and cannot wait to hear more. At this point all we can do is guess what Trion will come up, but it is sure good to know these kinds of PvP/RvR are on the horizon for Rift!


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Briafcliff World PvP Initiative

by on Feb.16, 2012, under RvR and PvP

World PvP? Yes please! Check out what the players on the Briarcliff server are organizing in their World PvP Initiative thread on the Rift PvP forums. The first round of this initiative, some time back, proved to be pretty successful. Here’s to Briarcliff PvP’ers and putting in the effort to make world PvP fun!

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PvP/Rift gear guide pages updated!

by on Feb.13, 2012, under RvR and PvP

It has been a while but we now have all of our PvP/Rift gear guides updated! The changes reflect all the most recent planarite costs as well as some adjustments to the pages in general. Be sure to check them out and as always let us know if something needs to be fixed or corrected.

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Rift 1.4 PvP changes and additions

by on Jul.14, 2011, under RvR and PvP

While the PvP news has been slow lately for Rift, we are finally seeing some significant changes and additions coming for the 1.4 patch. Probably the biggest change, which will certainly garner some cheers as well as some boos, is the reduced effectiveness of healing, specifically with heal over time and insta cast heal spells. Rift PvP players will also see the addition of PvP gear set bonuses and new Prestige Ranks 7 and 8, I assume with more powerful gear to purchase. Most of these new things are going on the PTS server starting July 14th and are likely to change I imagine before the patch goes live. Check out the full PTS 1.4 In-Progress Notes on the official Rift forums, or follow our link below.

(continue reading…)

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PvP news snippet out of E3 from Trion

by on Jun.13, 2011, under RvR and PvP

A little quote popped up on the dev tracker yesterday, which indicates that us Rift PvP people could have some new content in the works. See the quote below from this thread:

Morning folks,We mentioned at E3 that Hammerknell is only the begining of the new content we'll be launching in the next 3 to 6 months. We've got a ton of stuff coming down the pipe including

  • New 50+ outdoor zone
  • New 50+ dungeon
  • New 10 man instanced slivers
  • New largescale battle Warfront & and open world PvP events
  • New dynamic rift content & world events

Of course the details on these updates will be released a bit later on when we're closer to launch. But we are actively working on new content for all of our subscribers. Thanks,Gersh

So, what does this mean? Well the “largescale battle Warfront” is pretty obvious. I suspect we will see something much bigger then Port Scion that holds more players (2 raid groups?). As for “open world PvP events” I am not sure what to make of that. It does not sound like any type of new zone with objectives or purpose, but simply events that somehow promote world PvP. It will be interesting to see what pans out over the months.

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PvP video submission, FoE vs. a lot of bad guys

by on May.30, 2011, under Media

Check out the latest video submission from our friends at Fist of the Empire. The video features world RvR with an FoE raid group vs. what appears to be multiple enemy raid groups. Good stuff!

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World PvP high on the list for Rift team…

by on Apr.25, 2011, under RvR and PvP

If you have not seen the latest interview with Scott Hartsman from MMORPG.com, go and check it out now. Scott touches on a number of things including the recent River of Souls world event, the 1.1 patch, LFG tool, and most importantly to us, world PvP. That’s right, according to this interview world PvP is “very high on the list for the team right now”. This is great news for all the Rift PvP and RvR players out there as we all know the repetitious warfronts can get a little boring at times. See the quote excerpt below and follow the link to Rift: Scott Hartsman Talks v1.1.

So what is in store for RIFT players as we begin to move into 2012? Scoot talked about more zone and world events to come. He also said that the colossus event in this patch will perhaps be the start of more content in that direction. He also said that World PvP is very high on the list for the team right now. He explained how many fans there are for world PvP and they want to meet those expectations. Overall though the team continues to work towards improving the player experience as RIFT continues to grow into its first year of launch.

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