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Rift 1.4 PvP changes and additions

by on Jul.14, 2011, under RvR and PvP

While the PvP news has been slow lately for Rift, we are finally seeing some significant changes and additions coming for the 1.4 patch. Probably the biggest change, which will certainly garner some cheers as well as some boos, is the reduced effectiveness of healing, specifically with heal over time and insta cast heal spells. Rift PvP players will also see the addition of PvP gear set bonuses and new Prestige Ranks 7 and 8, I assume with more powerful gear to purchase. Most of these new things are going on the PTS server starting July 14th and are likely to change I imagine before the patch goes live. Check out the full PTS 1.4 In-Progress Notes on the official Rift forums, or follow our link below.

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More PvP changes in PTS 1.2 Patch Notes!

by on Apr.22, 2011, under RvR and PvP

Showing up on the Rift dev tracker tonight are the PTS 1.2 Patch Notes. These notes are huge with lots of great changes and fixes that we think are definitely overdue in the PvP aspect of the game. Below we will highlight the PvP specific changes and some other important fixes. Follow the Rift PTS 1.2 Patch Notes link to see all the notes in their entirety.

  • PvP Souls: Break Free: In addition to cancelling crowd control and movement impairing effects, Break Free now grants 5 seconds of immunity after being activated.
  • ASSASSIN: Lots of damage increases!
  • MARKSMEN: Many changes and removed abilities, full respec will be granted.
  • PYROMANCER: Ground of Strength: Now reduces damage received by 20% and reduces damage dealt by 10%.
  • STORMCALLER: Building Storm: Now gives a 100% critical damage bonus to Hypothermia-causing spells, up from 50%.

* PvP Souls have been moved from the rank 2 PvP merchants in Meridian and Sanctum, and are now on the General Favor Quartermasters.
* Across-the-board improvements for PvP rewards and dailies.
* Rank 5 weapons have been moved to the rank 4 vendor, and had their names and prices updated.
* Rank 6 weapons are now available for purchase.

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Dominate chumps across the battlefield!

by on Mar.02, 2011, under RvR and PvP

You heard it here..2nd!?! 3rd maybe!!!?!? Riftgame on twitter has directed us to their new PvP Souls page where you can learn how these souls will help you “…dominate chumps across the battlefield”. Riftrvr.com approves of this message 110%! Lets go dominate us some chumps!

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