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Free Character Transfer Service

by on Jun.17, 2013, under General

So Rift just went Free to Play and you re-joined the game. However, your friends are on a different server than you. Fear not, as you can transfer your characters to a different server, for free! We have noted some of the basics below but be sure to check out all the fine details at the link.

Rift Free Character Transfer Service

Looking for a new home or to join up with old friends? With the Free Character Transfer service you will have the power to find the community that is best for you.

The Free Character Transfer service allows you to move your characters (and your guild!) to a different shard once every 7 days. This is an added benefit of your monthly subscription and comes at no cost to you.

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Server transfers, come to Seastone!

by on Jun.23, 2011, under RvR and PvP

Looking for a new PvP server? Look no further then Seastone! We are supporting a sort of mini-campaign to bring open world PvP and RvR to the game of Rift. This requires the help from the community, guilds, and the players, with out you (them) this cannot happen.

We all know the state of open world PvP in the game and we are going to try and resurrect it. This might mean coordinated world PvP nights every week or weekend, or just specified zones where you can expect open world PvP. The bottom line is, we will be promoting this on Seastone, and we hope any players and guilds interested will transfer their characters over and join in on the fun. Lets see how we can bring world PvP back into the game!

For information on how to transfer your characters read the Rift Character Transfer webpage.

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Which PvP server will you be playing on?

by on Feb.23, 2011, under General

The official server list for Rift has been out since last night. Have you decided what PvP server you will be playing on? Jump in our forums and join the discussion!

  • Lotham – PvP
  • Faeblight – RP
  • Sunrest – PvP-RP
  • Belmont – PvE
  • Spitescar – PvP
  • Seastone – PvP
  • Keenblade – PvE
  • Deepstrike – PvP
  • Greybriar – PvE
  • Shatterbone – PvE
  • Reclaimer – PvP
  • Byriel – PvE
  • Snarebrush – PvP
  • Gnarlwood – PvE
  • Briarcliff – PvP
  • Wolfsbane – PvE
  • Shadefallen – RP
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