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Prestige Ranks 9 and 10 on the way

by on May.14, 2012, under RvR and PvP

The news has been hot as of late for Rift PvP! We just ran across another tidbit that informs us that new Prestige Ranks will be coming soon:


Separate – but might as well just mention it: yes, you’ll be seeing new Prestige Ranks with all new weapons and armor coming soon as well

 Editing this to note that the new ranks will be Prestige Ranks 45-50.

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Rift 1.7 patch includes many PvP changes

by on Feb.05, 2012, under RvR and PvP

If you have not seen it yet, Rift 1.7 “Carnival of the Ascended” released last week with some pretty significant PvP changes. The changes included a revamp of the Prestige ranks from 8 ranks to 40 total ranks, where the total Prestige gained stays the same. Also added is a bolstering effect in PvP (level 50 warfronts) for players Prestige 13 and below. The last big one is a removal of PvP Souls and their replacement, Planar Attunement abilities for PvP. There are many other nice changes and additions so be sure to check them out on the official Rift forums post “Rift 1.7: Carnival of the Ascended” or click our link below.

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PvP Gear Reference Guide published!

by on May.17, 2011, under RvR and PvP

We have created a new page today that will contain all the PvP gear merchants and the gear they sell. This is the gear you can buy using your Favor earned from RvR and PvP activities in Rift. The PvP Gear Reference Guide will cover all the Prestige Rank gear merchants as well as the merchants that sell the warfront faction based gear. Currently the page has a couple of the merchants and their gear listed while we work on finishing up the others, enjoy!

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Prestige Ranks page updated!

by on Apr.02, 2011, under RvR and PvP

Our Prestige Ranks page has been updated to include how much Prestige and Favor you are awarded from level 50 warfront wins and losses. Oddly enough, there is no difference at all as far as the bonuses go for each and every warfront. In other words, a 5 minute long Black Garden will net you the same Prestige/Favor bonus that you would get from a 25 minute long Port Scion. The Port Scion should result in more overall Prestige/Favor however, because you are going to be killing and fighting a whole lot more.

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Prestige Rank experience details

by on Mar.17, 2011, under RvR and PvP

We have published a new page that shows how much PvP experience is required for each of the 6 Prestige Ranks in Rift. Once we have all the information we will update the page to include how much experience each level 50 warfront provides as well. Check out the Prestige Ranks page now!

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First crop of Prestige Rank 6 players

by on Mar.17, 2011, under RvR and PvP

So, here we are, barely two weeks into the live release of Rift and we already have players hitting the max PvP Prestige rank. According to the Mokah – Prestige rank 6 thread on the Rift forums, it looks like we have at least 3-5 players at Prestige rank 6 already. Congrats to those guys, I cannot imagine how much time they have spent in game to this point. I thought I had been playing a lot, but a’las, I am only level 43! I suppose the good part of this is that getting the rank 6 gear will not be near impossible for those with a real life, and that means everyone is on the same level in the PvP gear world. So what do you think, is the leveling too fast for Prestige ranks, or is this how it should be?

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PvP Rewards page update at Riftgame.com

by on Mar.12, 2011, under RvR and PvP

Check out the “PvP Rewards” page over at the official Rift game website. You can find some useful information regarding Favor, Prestige, and PvP rewards. It even states that dead enemies drop “useful loot”, maybe this is actually useful at level 50? So far all we have seen is small amount of coin below level 50.

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