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More PvP changes in PTS 1.2 Patch Notes!

by on Apr.22, 2011, under RvR and PvP

Showing up on the Rift dev tracker tonight are the PTS 1.2 Patch Notes. These notes are huge with lots of great changes and fixes that we think are definitely overdue in the PvP aspect of the game. Below we will highlight the PvP specific changes and some other important fixes. Follow the Rift PTS 1.2 Patch Notes link to see all the notes in their entirety.

  • PvP Souls: Break Free: In addition to cancelling crowd control and movement impairing effects, Break Free now grants 5 seconds of immunity after being activated.
  • ASSASSIN: Lots of damage increases!
  • MARKSMEN: Many changes and removed abilities, full respec will be granted.
  • PYROMANCER: Ground of Strength: Now reduces damage received by 20% and reduces damage dealt by 10%.
  • STORMCALLER: Building Storm: Now gives a 100% critical damage bonus to Hypothermia-causing spells, up from 50%.

* PvP Souls have been moved from the rank 2 PvP merchants in Meridian and Sanctum, and are now on the General Favor Quartermasters.
* Across-the-board improvements for PvP rewards and dailies.
* Rank 5 weapons have been moved to the rank 4 vendor, and had their names and prices updated.
* Rank 6 weapons are now available for purchase.

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PvP balance changes incoming!

by on Mar.22, 2011, under RvR and PvP

There is a new thread on the official Rift forums that talks about some upcoming balance changes vs. hot fixes. This is good news for PvP players who have been dealing with (or enjoying) some of these issues. A short summary below of what will be coming in version 1.1 of Rift:

  • We are aware of the concerns about DPS warriors reigning supreme, and we’ve tracked the issue down to a couple of talents that have been seriously misbehaving. In order to not swing the pendulum completely in the opposite direction we do need to tweak a variety of other DPS abilities as well.
  • As promised Mages will be seeing a general bump in both survability and DPS, as well as a few additional tweaks that will be helpful in PVP. That being said please don’t expect to see a massive boost, Mages definitely needed some love, but at the same time some of that comes from tuning down other calling builds that were too good.
  • Saboteurs will also be getting some tweaks, we want to keep the tic.tic…tic….. BOOM game play that makes the saboteur so interesting and exciting, but there were definitely combinations of talents and abilities that were taking things a bit too far.
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Dominate chumps across the battlefield!

by on Mar.02, 2011, under RvR and PvP

You heard it here..2nd!?! 3rd maybe!!!?!? Riftgame on twitter has directed us to their new PvP Souls page where you can learn how these souls will help you “…dominate chumps across the battlefield”. Riftrvr.com approves of this message 110%! Lets go dominate us some chumps!

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