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Rift adds domination mode to warfronts

by on Jun.20, 2013, under RvR and PvP

Of all the places to find an update to PvP in Rift, we find it in a recent hotfix. Rift patch 2.3 Hot Fix #4 added the following new “domination” modes to two of the existing warfronts “Black Garden” and “Karthan Ridge”:

* Available to players between level 10 and level 60.
* Fight for the control of The Black Garden by dominating the 2 control points.

* Available to players between level 50 and level 60.
* Take Karthan Ridge by storm with this 5 control point variant.
* Capture Points on your side of the map give 3 points.
* Capture Points on the enemy’s side of the map give 5 – high risk, high reward!

Details of the patch can be found at the link below or by viewing the full post:

Rift 2.3 Hot Fix #4 (continue reading…)

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Low level PvP video

by on Jun.13, 2011, under Media

We are bringing you another featured video from a previous video submitter gamepiecevideo. This time the action comes in the form of a low level Black Garden match.

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Weekend Warriors Media 05/05/11

by on May.06, 2011, under Media

Here we go with this weekends search and submissions for Weekend Warriors Media. Hit us up on twitter @riftrvr, or submit a link to us if you would like your video featured on our front page.

To begin the weekend I came across a very well done lowbie bracket Black Garden video. The video showcases low level Marksman performance and has excellent commentary to explain the tactics and abilities used. Check out Taugrim’s youtube channel for more from this guy!

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Marksman PvP video with commentary!

by on Apr.30, 2011, under Media

So I stumbled upon a nice video by tgnRift on youtube that contains quite a bit of warfront footage including Black Garden and Port Scion. This video showcases the Marksman/Ranger/Assassin combo of souls in PvP and tgnRift goes over the spec as part of the video. The video also includes commentary throughout which is a nice touch. Check out the video below:

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Bard PvP in Black Garden

by on Apr.23, 2011, under Media

As part of the new Weekend Warriors Media format, I have come across a pretty nice Bard PvP video filmed in the Black Garden. Looks like the player is Trustkill (can’t tell what server). Enjoy the video!

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Black Garden video guide by Pokketsays

by on Apr.14, 2011, under Media

We spotted a nice little Black Garden video guide on gamebreaker.tv today that was created by @Pokketsays. If you are looking for a good video rendition of our own Black Garden warfront guide, then this is what you have been looking for. Most of the same strategy and tactics are covered but obviously accompanied by video, and who doesn’t love video?! Check out GAMEBREAKER.TV’s Guide to RIFT’s Black Garden by following the link or watching below.

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Weekend Warriors Media 4/1/11

by on Apr.01, 2011, under Media

The Weekend Warriors Media event is off and running for this weekend. Submit your videos to us anytime during the weekend (or week) and be featured on our front page! To start things off we have a Black Garden PvP video submitted by a user named Tyler. Check out the video below and don’t forget to visit chappyman524’s youtube channel!

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Rift PvP video published! NSA in Black Garden.

by on Feb.28, 2011, under Media

Here is our first video of Black Garden action. It is nothing special, just some raw footage of the 10-19 range Black Garden. We are now in the 20-29 bracket and are winning consistently with just a 4 man team, tonight we went 5-0 again. Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more coming soon! (warning: adult language!)

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Black Garden and The Codex published!

by on Feb.22, 2011, under RvR and PvP

Two new Warfront guides have been created. Check out the Black Garden and The Codex for strategy, points scoring, and tips. More to come soon for the other Warfronts.

Black Garden Strategy Map The Codex Strategy Map

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