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Whitefall Steppes

Whitefall Steppes Warfront guide.

Whitefall Steppes Map

  • Team size = 15
  • Minimum level = 30
  • Time limit = 20 minutes
  • To win = First team to capture 3 Sourcestones (flags) or whichever team has the most captures at the end of 20 minutes.


The Whitefall Steppes warfront is a CTF (capture the flag) style game where each side has their own flag. The flags are referred to as “Sourcestones”.  Three flag captures will guarantee a win in this warfront, or, the team with the most captures at the end of the 20 minute time frame.

Scoring points

To score a point in Whitefall Steppes, your team must steal the enemy Sourcestone (flag) and return it to their own base without letting their own Sourcestone get stolen. There is no other scoring that goes on in this warfront, simply focus on the objective.


Each realm starts on opposing sides of the map with their own Sourcestone nearby located in the “Yellow Zones“. The goal is simple; run to the other side of the map without dying, and steal the enemy Sourcestone. Return the Sourcestone to your own flag base without losing your own flag and you score a point.

Since there are a lot of ways to run flags in a CTF match, we will not go into detail on preferred paths of travel or routes to and from the flag bases. Instead, we will point out some key areas of interest that should help any team on their way to victory.

First, the “Red Zones” on the map above are most likely going to be the most important parts of the map. The red circles are key choke points that must be controlled to allow your flag carrier to pass by safely. At the same, these choke points are used to keep enemy carriers from getting in or out of the flags bases, depending on where they are. The rectangle “Red Zone” follows the same rules, control this area and you make life easier for your carrier and a lot harder for enemy carriers to pass through.

Next are the paths marked by the colored arrows. These are the backdoor routes to use when the “Red Zone” choke points are unstable and you think you can sneak around safely. If you encounter a “Yellow Zone” turtle defense, then group up and get ready to rumble, as brute force is the only tactic to defeating this strategy. Good group communication and taking the right routes at the right time will greatly increase your teams success in Whitefall Steppes.

Also note that the Sourcestone places debuffs on the carrier; a 50% heal debuff, and a run speed debuff.


  • Fixed in patch 1.3, no longer works! Absorb shields will prevent interruption when trying to pickup/return the Sourcestone.
  • Use the speed buffs (blue orbs placed on map) to gain speed increases while running the Sourcestone.
  • Using root break type abilities (ex: Warden Dissolution) will also remove the Sourcestone speed debuff while active.
  • Bard speed seems to work when running the flag (unconfirmed).
  • OOC racial speed buffs can be used to run the flag? (unconfirmed).

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