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The Codex

The Codex Warfront guide.

The Codex Strategy Map

  • Team size = 15
  • Minimum level = 20
  • Time limit = 20 minutes
  • To win = First team to 1000 points, or team with most points at the end of 20 minutes.


The Codex warfront consists of 4 interactive flag based objectives that are strategically placed around the map. The team that is able to control the most objectives for the most time during the game, is likely to be the winner.

Scoring points

Points are accumulated over time, by capturing and holding any of the four capture points. Capture points include: The Vault, The Codex, Thontic Statue, and Translation Scope. The Codex is the KEY capture point as indicated by the name of the warfront and is our “Yellow Zone” on the reference map. The next important capture points are the Statue and Scope which are noted by the “Green Zones“. Every few seconds, there is a tick where points are awarded for each capture point your team holds. The Codex is worth +5 points while all other capture points award +3 points. Contested capture points do not award points to either team when a tick occurs.

Points are also earned instantly, by killing enemy players. Anytime someone  strikes a fatal blow to an opposing player their team is awarded +2 points. This counts no matter where, on the map, the player was killed.

Codex Score example

See the image to the right for an example scenario from holding capture points; if a tick occurred while the capture point status was as follows:

  • Codex:  Guardian controlled
  • Scope: Defiant controlled
  • Statue: Guardian controlled
  • Vault: Guardian controlled

Then for that tick, the Guardians would receive 11 points; 5 for controlling the Codex, 3 for controlling the Vault, and 3 for controlling the Statue.

The Defiants would receive 3 points for controlling the Scope.  If a capture point is in a contested state, no points are awaraded for the tick.


All capture points start out open for capture and not controlled by either side. Typically each team will follow the main path (1.) to their first capture point, or “Green Zone“, and then continue to the “Yellow Zone” to fight for the Codex. It is not recommended to send but maybe 1 or 2 people down path 2 to the “White Zone” Vault at the beginning of the game. The focus should be controlling “Yellow Zone” and capturing the Codex.

Each capture point has an associated stationary flag. When a player clicks the flag, an action bar begins to fill. If the player is interrupted, by the opposing team or by moving, then the progress on the action bar is lost. If a player successfully fills the action bar without interruption, then his team is “assaulting” the corresponding capture point.

In order to control a capture point the assaulting team must prevent opposing team members from successfully capturing the flag for 32 seconds. If the opposing team does not successfully capture the flag, then the assaulting team gains control of the flag and is granted the appropriate amount of points for each tick as long as they control the point.

If a controlled point is assaulted by the opposing team, the controlling realm will not gain points.  They will however, retain control of the point for 32 seconds.  This means that by recapturing the flag within 32 seconds the controlling team will instantly begin accumulating points again.  This is unlike the initial assault of each open capture point, where a team must fend off the opposing faction for 32 seconds.  Theoretically, a capture point could never be controlled if opposing sides continually assaulted the flag without successfully fending off the other team for 32 seconds.

A typical win situation involves capturing and holding the “Yellow Zone“, or Codex point, as well as the capture point that is nearest to your teams spawn, or the “Green Zone“. Your team should float defense between these two capture points to secure victory. Capturing the Vault, or “White Zone” on the map, should be of least importance unless you just cannot take control of the “Yellow Zone” and capture the Codex.


  • Ranged classes and healers can use the high ground rocks above The Codex for an advantage over the people down at the capture point.
  • Fixed in patch 1.3, no longer works! Using absorb shields can help against being interrupted when capping a flag point.

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