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Port Scion

Port Scion Warfront guide.

Port Scion Strategy Map

  • Team size = 20
  • Minimum level = 50
  • Time limit = 20 minutes
  • To win = First team to 1000 points, or the most points after 20 minutes, or kill the enemy boss.


Port Scion has multiple objectives so to say, but there is only 1 real capture point, and that is the Bridge located in the center of the map (“Yellow Zone” on our image). This bridge is a key capture point as it allows the controlling realm to respawn at the bridge, in the center of the map, as opposed to at their home base spawn point. Each side has 2 “Idols” (noted by the “Green Zones“) that are somewhat like a wardstone, in that it has health and you can destroy it. The Guardian side consists of the “Idol of the Planes” and the “Idol of the Gods”, while the Defiant side has “Planar Capacitor” and “Planar Flux” (generally all just called “Idols”). Each side also has a main boss. The Guardian boss being “Saerloth the Avenger” and the Defiant side boss of “Executor Khazik”. Killing either of these bosses will result in a win, however, more often then not we see wins being accomplished by a team reaching 1000 points. The other key objectives to note are the sourcestone holding areas, shown as the “Red Zones” on our map. These are the “Church”, which is north of the bridge capture point, and the “South Stone” holding area which is south of the bridge.

Scoring points

Scoring points can be accomplished in a few different ways. The primary avenue of scoring points is going to be from capturing sourcestones. If your team has both of their “Idols” up you will score +30 points when you capture a sourcestone. For each “Idol” that gets destroyed, it will reduce the points for capturing a sourcestone by 10. In other words, if both of your “Idols” get destroyed, a sourcestone capture nets you +10 points.

You can also score points by destroying the enemy “Idols” themselves, but it can be a difficult process. These have a lot of hit points and are guarded by NPC’s. But, if you can manage to destroy one it will give you +100 points and subsequently lower the enemy sourcestone captures by 10 points.

Killing enemy players will also result in +2 points, just like the other warfronts.


Note: As a result of a recent patch, the bridge control point will not unlock for capture until 1 minute after the warfront has started.

More recent strategies have involved fighting over control of the “Church” area at the start of the warfront. As the bridge capture will not open for 1 minute, the “Church” now becomes a crucial initial target with all the sourcestones that is has.  If your team can hold the “Church”, next try to take control of the “Yellow Zone” area and defend it, as this allows your realm to re-spawn at the bridge and control the center of the map. The reason this spawn point is important is, you are right next to both of the “Red Zone” sourcestone holding areas. In the event you fail to control the bridge at the beginning of the game, re-group your teammates and assault from the North. This gives you two advantages over assaulting the bridge from the South; 1. you are not likely to get bottle-necked and killed inside the building over hang just south of the bridge, and 2. you can hassle enemy sourcestone carriers leaving the Church and hopefully disrupt some sourcestone captures.

The Church “Red Zone” is a key area to have in your control. Bring a group or two to hold and defend this “Red Zone” while your teammates run sourcestones to the main boss. Capturing sourcestones is simple, pick up a stone just like you would the Fang or Sourcestone in Whitefall and return it to your main boss (simply walk over him and it will capture the stone). Each sourcestone holding area will have a maximum of 3 sourcestones up at any given time. If you can successfully execute this process of defending the bridge, the Church (or South Stone), and constantly running stones, it should result in an easy win.

Don’t forget that doing the repeatable quests inside Port Scion can gain your team points as well. A 25 point boost from turning in quests here and there will help to put a lead on the enemy score. While this is a good supplemental strategy for gaining points, the primary point scoring goal should still be controlling sourcestone captures.

There are some alternate strategies if you team does not control the bridge, but are not likely to happen very often. For example, you could make attempts at destroying the enemy “Idols” located in each sides “Green Zone“, thus lowering their sourcestone captures to +10 points (if you destroyed them both). This could enable your team to capture sourcestones from whichever holding area (Church or South Stone) the enemy does not control, and thus beating them with sourcestone captures.

Another strategy of late is for each team to rush the enemy boss off the break and kill him as quick as possible.


  • Fixed in patch 1.3, no longer works! Just like in all the other warfronts, use absorb shields to prevent interruption while capping the bridge flag or picking up sourcestones.
  • The water under the bridge is shallow enough that you can mount and ride through it.

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