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Places of RvR/PvP interest

This page will attempt to point out places of interest, or hot spots, in the world of Rift for RvR and PvP activity. If you know of any RvR and PvP hotspots in the Rift world, please let us know and we will be happy to update this page with your information!


Gloamwood is our first PvP enabled zone for the Guardian side. So far we have seen a few places in the north end of this zone that seem to be regular hot spots for RvR action.
Gloamwood RvR Hotspots

  • Tearfall Run
  • Darkening Deeps entrance
  • Standing Stones

Scarlet Gorge

World PvP gets pretty intense in Scarlet Gorge. There is a static rift that resides right in between a Guardian camp and a Defiant camp. Both sides have quests in the area and needless to say, there is lots of brawling and ganking to be had. See the map below that highlights some of the PvP conflict areas in this zone.
Scarlet Gorge RvR Hotspots

  • Rock Ridge
  • Demon Steps
  • Grove Lift

Scarwood Reach

Scarwood is another zone where you will find yourself mingling with the other faction quite often. Spice Road is a widely used path of travel up and down the zone and you are sure to find enemies to fight here. There is also another static rift that is part of invasion events just NE of Kings Breach. This rift site has been the location of some huge Guardian vs. Defiant fights on my server, just look at the RiftRvR youtube channel to see for yourself.
Scarwood Reach Hotspots

  • Spice Road
  • Kings Breach
  • Static rift NE of Kings Breach

Moonshade Highlands

Here in Moonshade Highlands we have basically one very important RvR hotspot in the quest hub of Reclaimer’s Hold. The hub is host to a number of daily quests and you will find players from both factions in this area and the quest area just north of Reclaimer’s. The guards are pretty weak at Reclaimer’s so it is possible to gank people as they are interacting with the merchants. If you are Guardian and killing Defiant in this quest hub, be careful as the Defiant resurrect right next to Reclaimer’s. The Guardian resurrection spot is a bit east of Reclaimer’s and is a short run back if you die.Moonshade RvR Hotspots

  • Reclaimer’s Hold
  • Daily quest area north of Reclaimer’s
  • Resurrection points to the east and near west of Reclaimer’s


Droughtlands is an interesting zone, mostly because the main quest hub in Lantern Hook is shared by both factions. Players become immune to PvP when they enter an invisible barrier passing into the inside of Lantern Hook. Be careful if you trying to kill enemies on the outer skirts of Lantern Hook because your prey can simply run inside and get instantly de-flagged. This also causes guards to attack you. Some other noteworthy quest hubs where you are sure to find action are Lantern Plateau and Broodwatch Post. Be sure to be on your toes at all times in Droughtlands, to date this zone has been the most active for us when it comes to ganking and being ganked!
Droughtlands RvR Hotspots

  • Lantern Hook perimeter
  • Lantern Plateau
  • Broodwatch Post


Shimmersand is another zone where you will be sharing quest hubs with the other faction. We found that there was lots of action and ganking in and around Fortune’s Shore, the main hub on the map. The guards *will* attack you here if you try to kill somebody, but they are not too tough and will take a while to kill you. Be aware though that the guards do snare and sometimes stun you so that can make fighting more of an annoyance then fun. The paths leading in and out of Fortune’s Shore are often well traveled and good spots for patrolling for enemies. As is the quest hub, Sandaxle Pit, on the east part of the map as you enter the zone from Droughtlands.
Shimmersand Hotspots

  • Fortune’s Shore
  • Traveling paths
  • Sandaxle Pit

Iron Pine Peak

Iron Pine Peak is another one of our high levels zones where you will be sharing everything with the enemy faction. In and around the Whitefall and Chancel of Labors quest hubs are the primary fighting spots on these maps. Again, the NPC’s will attack you but can be avoided in most areas, especially inside Chancel of Labors. It might feel safe inside the large building of Chancels, but beware as you can be attacked at pretty much anytime. East of the Chancel of Labors is a common level 50 daily quest area. There is a high probability that you can find bad guys to hunt in this area, along with the paths going to and from these main quest hubs.
Iron Pine Peak Hotspots

  • In and around Whitefall/Sanctuary
  • In and around Chancel of Labors
  • Daily quest area east of TCL
  • Traveling paths


The zone of Stillmoor is our last high level zone in the game. You will see lots of level 50’s here and thus, a lot of RvR action. Zareph’s Return is one of the key places you will find some fights, especially around the porticulum. There are some paths that lead out of Zareph’s to the north and south, you are likely to find travelers along these routes as well. Thalin Tor is north of Zareph’s and also a place you are going to find some action. The path between these two quest hubs has a high amount of traffic and it is common to find battles in this area. Lastly, is the level 50 daily quest area just east of Zareph’s Return There are lots of mobs in this area but usually lots of 50’s as well.
Stillmoor Hotspots

  • Zareph’s Return
  • Thalin Tor
  • Daily quest area east of Zareph’s
  • Traveling paths

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