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Black Garden

The Black Garden Warfront guide.

Black Garden Strategy Map

  • Team size = 10
  • Minimum level = 10
  • Time limit = 20 minutes
  • To win = First team to 500 points
  • Objective = Fang of Regulos


The objective of the Black Garden is simple; capture and hold “The Fang of Regulos” that is located in the center of the map. The team who holds the fang the most, and kills the most, will typically win the game.

Scoring points

Points are scored by holding the Fang as well as by killing enemies. The closer the Fang carrier is to the center of the map (where the Fang initially resides), the more points are accumulated during each tick. Up to +6 points will be scored per tick if you are inside the “Yellow Zone” in the reference map above. Inside the “Red Zone“, you will score +5 points, and if you are on the outer skirts of the “Red Zone” you may score 4 points. Outside the “Red Zone” you are looking at +3,+2, or +1 points the further away from center you get. Basically, stay as close to the center as possible.

Killing enemy players will result in a +2 or +1 to your score.


At the start of the game, you have two basic choices. One, follow the typical path (1.) that goes straight to the Fang in the center of the map. Two, take a flanking path (2.) that will set your group up behind the enemy (in most cases) to kill them from behind. Either way, the goal is to get the Fang as soon as possible.

Once you gain control of the Fang, be sure the carrier has a healer to heal the damage over time that the Fang does. The DoT from the Fang increases the longer the carrier holds the Fang, so sometimes it is ok to let him die and have someone else pick it right back up. If you have a competent enough team, then stay inside the “Yellow Zone” to accumulate the most points. If you are under pressure, it is simple to fall back to the trees (T) and use LoS to avoid taking damage and killing players that come after you behind the trees.

If you intend on winning then you probably do not want to leave the “Red Zone” at all, make all attempts to stay inside that zone and kill as much as possible. At all costs, do not turtle under your own spawn as that only nets you +1 points per tick. You could potentially (but not very likely) lose the game with this tactic if the other team out kills you!


  • Players can get on top of the walls that surround the “Red Zone“. Healers and casters can use this to their advantage.
  • Fixed in patch 1.3, no longer works! Using absorb shields will help counter interrupts when trying to pickup the Fang.
  • Use damage/fears/stuns/knockbacks/etc to prevent enemies from picking up the Fang.

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