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Scarwood Reach PvP/Rift gear guide


This guide will cover the PvP and Planar goods merchants located in the zone of Scarwood Reach. The gear from this guide has requirements of level 30 and 33, and should last you well into your late 30’s. We will go over what merchants sell the gear, how to get it, and what order we recommend buying the gear.

The Gear

The gear pieces you can acquire from this guide are as follows (in no particular order):

  1. Blue quality legs : 750 Planarite
    1. Alternative blue quality PvP legs : 4971 Favor
  2. Blue quality PvP helmet : 3977 Favor
  3. Purple quality chest : 800 Planarite + 2 Vile Sourcestones
    1. Alternative blue quality chest: 600 Planarite
  4. Planar Focus/Essence : 1000 Planarite / 300 Planarite, 400 Planarite + 1 Vile Sourcestone

This zone gives you a few choices with gear as both the “PvP Goods” merchant and the “Rare Planar Goods” merchant have leg armor pieces. In addition, the “Rare Planar Goods” merchant has two different chest pieces (a blue and purple quality). The Planar items are of better quality, so get those if you can afford them. The purple chest, blue legs, blue chest, and Planar Focus/Essence will come from doing rifts and invasions. While the other legs and helmet are purchased with “Favor”, which is your PvP currency.

How to get the gear

  1. You should all be used to the theme at this point, when you hit the Scarwood Reach zone, do rifts and invasions whenever possible. Save up enough rift currency until you have enough for the blue quality planar legs. Buy the legs from “Rare Planar Goods” merchant for 750 Planarite.
  2. Again, you should already have enough Favor to afford the PvP blue quality helmet (3977 Favor). If you were not able to get the legs from step 1, then buy the blue quality PvP legs now (4971 Favor). Both of these PvP items will cost you 8948 Favor, buy them from the “PvP Goods” merchant.
  3. I highly recommend saving up 800 Planarite + 2 Vile Sourcestones in order to purchase the purple quality chest piece. This should be a huge upgrade to whatever you are wearing and is worth the cost. Gather your 800 Planarite + 2 Vile Sourcestones and head to the “Rare Planar Goods” merchant to buy the chest piece.
  4. Extra: The “Planar Goods” merchant introduces a new Planar Focus that has 2 Greater Essence slots. If you have the rift currency, upgrading to one of these will also be well worth the cost. Again, if you pickup a new Focus, look on the “Rare Planar Goods” merchant for essences and decide what will work best with your class and how much rift currency you have.

Where to get the gear

See the below maps for both Guardian and Defiant factions NPC locations. Both the “Rare Planar Goods” and “PvP Goods” merchants are in the same place, so there is only one map per faction. There is only one image of gear stats since both sides use the same gear.

Rare Planar Goods merchant


Scarwood merchants map Scarwood Planar NPC Scarwood Planar gear


Defiant Scarwood merchants map Defiant Scarwood merchants NPC

PvP Goods merchant


Guardian PvP Goods NPC Scarwood PvP gear


Defiant Scarwood PvP Goods NPC

Planar Focus/Essence

See step 4 in this guide about the new Planar Focus that you can get in this zone. The “Planar Goods” merchant (right next to “Rare Planar Goods“) sells the upgraded Planar Focuses, while the rare merchant sells the upgraded Planar Essences. What you choose basically depends on how much rift currency you have or want to collect by doing rifts. Basic idea is, get an upgraded Planar Focus and collect enough rift currency to fill up the Planar Focus.

Hopefully this guide has helped in getting your character geared up for the mid 30’s levels as well as Rift PvP. Let us know if something is not accurate of if we can make this guide better.

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