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Level 20-29 PvP/Rift gear guide


This is our 2nd guide in this series of PvP and Rift gear guides. This particular guide covers around the 20-29 level range. On the Guardian side this is the zone of Gloamwood, and Defiant side this is the zone of Stonefield. We will go over what merchants sell the gear, how to get it, and what order we recommend buying the gear.

The Gear

The gear pieces you will receive from this guide are as follows (in no particular order):

  1. Blue quality legs : 250 Planarite
  2. Blue quality shoulders : 250 Planarite
  3. Blue quality PvP belt : 514 Favor
  4. Blue quality PvP rings : 428 Favor
  5. Purple quality helm : 275 Planarite + 2 Cursed Sourcestones
  6. Planar Focus/Essence : 100 Planarite, 250 Planarite / 100 Planarite, 150 Planarite + 1 Cursed Sourcestone

The rest of the gear may or not be filled with the gear you acquired from the last zone. Use that, or again, use crafted or quested items to fill in the other slots. The legs, shoulders, helm, and Planar Focus/Essence will come from doing rifts and invasions. The belt and rings are purchased with “Favor”, which is your PvP currency.

How to get the gear

  1. Not much has changed here, when you hit the Gloamwood/Stonefield zones, do rifts and invasions whenever possible. Save up enough rift currency until you have enough for the leggings. Buy the leggings from “Rare Planar Goods” merchant for 250 Planarite.
  2. Ideally you should already have enough Favor to afford the PvP blue quality belt and rings. If not, moar PvP and warfronts! The rings are not unique, so buy 2 of them. This will cost you 1370 Favor, go buy your PvP belt and rings from the “PvP Goods” merchant.
  3. The blue quality shoulders should be next on your list. Gather your 250 Planarite and head to the “Rare Planar Goods” merchant to buy the shoulders.
  4. Lastly, you will be saving up rift currencies for your purple quality helm. The Cursed Sourcestones may be difficult to come by, if you find yourself unable to get them, don’t worry about it and move on. If you do get them, gather your 275 Planarite + 2 Cursed Sourcestones, and head to the “Rare Planar Goods” merchant to buy the helm.
  5. Extra: Again, save up your rift currency until you have enough to purchase an upgraded Planar Focus from the “Planar Goods” merchant. Fill your Planar Focus with upgraded Planar Essences. The costs for these vary depending on what you get. Your best bet is to just look on the “Rare Planar Goods” merchant and decide what will work best with your class and how much rift currency you have.

Where to get the gear

See the below maps for both Guardian and Defiant factions NPC locations. There is only one image of gear stats since both sides use the same exact gear.

Rare Planar Goods merchant


Gloamwood Planar Goods merchants Gloamwood Planar Merchants Gloamwood Rare Planar Gear


Defiant Planar Merchant map Defiant Planar Merchant NPC

PvP Goods merchant


Gloamwood PvP Merchant Map Gloamwood PvP Merchant Gloamwood PvP Gear


Defiant PvP Goods map Defiant PvP Goods NPC

Planar Focus/Essence

The “Planar Goods” merchant (right next to “Rare Planar Goods“) also sells upgraded Planar Focuses, while the rare merchant sells the upgraded Planar Essences. What you choose basically depends on how much rift currency you have or want to collect by doing rifts. Basic idea is, get an upgraded Planar Focus and collect enough rift currency to fill up the Planar Focus.

Hopefully this guide has helped in getting your character geared up for the 20-29 levels as well as Rift PvP. Let us know if something is not accurate of if we can make this guide better.

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