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Keyboard bindings

The keyboard bindings guide.

Without going into too great of detail, the general consensus is that using keyboard bindings, instead of mouse clicks, will enhance your level of play by making your reaction time quicker and increasing efficiency. These benefits are crucial to success in RvR and PvP where fractions of a second can be the deciding factor in winning or losing a fight.

In this guide we will go over my own personal keyboard and mouse bindings and how they map to my action bars. Use this guide as a reference or starting point for your own setup.

Movement controls

The first thing I like to do is modify my characters movement controls. Specifically the auto-run key binding, the strafe key bindings, and the character turn key bindings. Open up your keyboard bindings and go to the proper section and do the following:

Keyboard movement bindings

  1. Unbind the Q key
  2. Unbind the E key
  3. Re-bind the A key to strafe left
  4. Re-bind the D key to strafe right
  5. Re-bind the auto-run key (typically Numlock) to ~ (tilde key)

So, as you can see, we have freed up two keys Q and E, removed keyboard turning, and moved the auto-run binding to something closer to our main keyboard hand. With this configuration you use mouse look for turning as keyboard turning is clumsy and very slow. Refer to the image above to see what the keyboard configuration should look like after each step is applied.

Action bar

This next graphic will detail how we will bind our action bar buttons using the view from the action bar. You will want to open up your keyboard bindings once again and make the following changes.

  1. Add Z, X, C, V to the default 6, 7, 8, 9 bindings (yes, the image is wrong, you may have to move some default UI bindings)
  2. Add Alt+Q, Alt+E, and Q, E to the default Alt+6, Alt+7, Alt+8, Alt+9 bindings.
  3. Add Mouse 1, Shift+M1, Alt+M1 to the default 0, -, = bindings
  4. Add Mouse 2, Shift+M2, Alt+M2 to the default Alt+0, Alt+-, Alt+= bindings

This gives us quite a few more easily accessible key binds at V, Z, X, C, Q, E, and Alt+Q, Alt+E. If you have a mouse with multiple buttons on it then this will also give you 6 more key/mouse bindings. The benefit of these additions is that you do not have to reach across the keyboard to hit the keys to the right.

Action Bar Small

Keyboard and Mouse

The final graphics in this guide will give an overview of what our bindings look like on our actual keyboard and mouse. We already know what our key bindings are, so these just serve as additional reference.

Keyboard Bindings SmallMouse Bindings

Color Reference and Notes

Some additional notes about the color zones on the graphics should help explain what type of actions/abilities you want to put where. In the “Red Zones“, you want to put the actions and abilities you use the most. The reason is the “Red Zone” key binds are all close to your left hand, and you never have to move it to get to those keys. This results in near instantaneous firing of those actions and abilities.

The “Yellow Zone” key binds should be the next set of actions and abilities on your priority list. You might not use them quite as much as the “Red Zone” keys, but you still use them a lot. Again, the “Yellow Zone” keys are quick and easy to get to.

The “Green Zone” keys are all of our mouse bindings. The actions and abilities I put on my mouse bindings are lower priority then the previous two zones, but still require fast reaction times. I will usually put actions with short cooldowns on my “Green Zone” bindings but that is entirely up to you.

Lastly, the “Blue Zone” is an area where I bind all of my UI elements to. Usually you have to move around a few bindings that get replaced when you re-bind such keys as Z, X, C, and V. The “Blue Zone” bindings are all bindings we probably never need while in combat.

Questions, comments, or anything regarding this guide just let us know in the comments!

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