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Class Macros

This page will cover some useful macros to use in both PvE and PvP.

Shaman/Druid all in one DPS macros

  • Single target all in 1 button DPS macro

#show Crushing Blow
cast Jolt
cast Fated Blow
cast Massive Blow
cast Lightning Hammer
cast Trickster Spirit
cast Crushing Blow

  • AOE DPS macro

#show Avalanche Strike
cast Strike of the Maelstrom
cast Avalanche Strike

Void Knight basic macros

  • Single target DPS macro using sword+board

#show Reckless Strike
cast Retaliation
cast Aggressive Block
cast Reckless Strike

  • AOE DPS macro

#show Tempest
cast Airburst
cast Ragestorm
cast Tempest

Champion/Paragon basic macros

  • Single target all in one DPS macro

#show Power Strike
cast Frenzied Strike
cast Inescapable Fury
cast Turn the Blade
cast Bloodthirst
cast Debilitating Strike
cast Power Strike

  • AOE DPS macro

#show Bladefury
cast Bladefury
cast Mighty Blow

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