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Server transfers, come to Seastone!

by on Jun.23, 2011, under RvR and PvP

Looking for a new PvP server? Look no further then Seastone! We are supporting a sort of mini-campaign to bring open world PvP and RvR to the game of Rift. This requires the help from the community, guilds, and the players, with out you (them) this cannot happen.

We all know the state of open world PvP in the game and we are going to try and resurrect it. This might mean coordinated world PvP nights every week or weekend, or just specified zones where you can expect open world PvP. The bottom line is, we will be promoting this on Seastone, and we hope any players and guilds interested will transfer their characters over and join in on the fun. Lets see how we can bring world PvP back into the game!

For information on how to transfer your characters read the Rift Character Transfer webpage.

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Great looking Rift database

by on Jun.23, 2011, under RvR and PvP

As we like to help other Rift websites and players in the community, today we bring you a Rift database website called RiftNut. Just like our Rift PvP site here at RiftRvR, the RiftNut website is run by players, for the players. Check them out and you will find a wealth of information for just about anything in the game. We personally like the PvP achievements and PvP quests pages.

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Rift Patch 1.3 PvP notes and changes

by on Jun.23, 2011, under RvR and PvP

Updates have been slowing down here at Riftrvr.com, but we are still following changes in the Rift PvP scene. Today brings us the latest content patch for Rift and with that comes a lot of changes and updates to PvP. We will not go into all the soul details as the patch is full of things to mull over, however we will point out some of the game changers as far as PvP goes in Rift. Read below for what we think are the most significant changes to Rift PvP, then follow the link for all the notes or visit the official Rift 1.3 patch thread:

  • Absorb shields, damage immunities, etc, no longer defend you against being interrupted when flipping objectives or picking up PvP objectives. (this has long been a tip for warfronts here on our site)
  • Channeled abilities no longer persist through visual obstacles and obey line of sight, thus breaking the channel as it should.
  • Pyromancers get nerfed another 20% damage on fulminate and cinder burst 😮
  • Rank 6 weapons updated to equal the power of epic tier 1 PvE weapons.
  • World PvP daily quests have been added!
  • Many soul changes to discuss in detail, that resulted in free respecs…follow the link for all the notes.

(continue reading…)

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PvP news snippet out of E3 from Trion

by on Jun.13, 2011, under RvR and PvP

A little quote popped up on the dev tracker yesterday, which indicates that us Rift PvP people could have some new content in the works. See the quote below from this thread:

Morning folks,We mentioned at E3 that Hammerknell is only the begining of the new content we'll be launching in the next 3 to 6 months. We've got a ton of stuff coming down the pipe including

  • New 50+ outdoor zone
  • New 50+ dungeon
  • New 10 man instanced slivers
  • New largescale battle Warfront & and open world PvP events
  • New dynamic rift content & world events

Of course the details on these updates will be released a bit later on when we're closer to launch. But we are actively working on new content for all of our subscribers. Thanks,Gersh

So, what does this mean? Well the “largescale battle Warfront” is pretty obvious. I suspect we will see something much bigger then Port Scion that holds more players (2 raid groups?). As for “open world PvP events” I am not sure what to make of that. It does not sound like any type of new zone with objectives or purpose, but simply events that somehow promote world PvP. It will be interesting to see what pans out over the months.

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Low level PvP video

by on Jun.13, 2011, under Media

We are bringing you another featured video from a previous video submitter gamepiecevideo. This time the action comes in the form of a low level Black Garden match.

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Port Scion PvP – Objective play video

by on Jun.06, 2011, under Media

Today we are featuring another video from LordXenuSaves youtube channel. We do not see very many Port Scion warfront videos so if you are still wondering how this warfront is played, check out the video, as well as our Port Scion Warfront guide.

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Red ball damage buff has been nerfed!

by on Jun.06, 2011, under RvR and PvP

Kind of a big deal, especially for mages who relied on the redball for 1 and 2 shotting people in warfronts. The redball has had its modifier “balanced” today in the Rift 1.2.1 Hotfix #3. Check out the details of the hotfix below:

RIFT 1.2.1 Hotfix #3 - 6/5/11

* Warfronts: Damage power-ups found in The Black Garden, The Codex, and Whitefall Steppes now grant a static amount of Attack and Spell Power based on the level bracket of the Warfront they are in.
* Guardian or Defiant Invasions should no longer attack Ancient Wardstones that are activated for their faction.
* Raid Rift: Drakith Hatchery is now more in line with the difficulty of other Raid Rifts. Also with less annoying knockbacks!
* Fixed some audio issues with footsteps for the Kelari Camoflauge ability.

* The population in Mage's Mark has undergone some tweaking to bring it more in line with the intended difficulty for the area.
* Make Him Sing: Fixed some issues that could cause Ekdim the Mad to not turn friendly and be interactable while on this quest.

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