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Archive for March, 2011

UI and interface settings for PvP

by on Mar.30, 2011, under RvR and PvP

Doing an article/guide on PvP UI and interface settings is on my list of things to do. However, our friends over at The Telaran have done just that today and it is very much worth a mention. Check out the Settings for a Better PvP Experience page on their site. Couple this guide with our very own Keyboard Bindings guide and you are well on your way to dominating chumps across the battlefield, as Trion puts it!

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Hotfix #11 brings fix to The Codex

by on Mar.29, 2011, under RvR and PvP

If you have not seen yet, Hotfix #11 has brought a much needed fix to the Codex warfront this morning. The Defiant rock formation at the Codex flag can no longer be scaled on the front side, allowing Guardians quick access to players up on the rock. Things are now balanced out as far as the rock formations go. Patch note below:

The Codex: Changed the collision in the Codex Warfront map to be more symmetrical.

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Shimmerlands, Iron Pine Peak, Stillmoor PvP/Rift gear guide published!

by on Mar.27, 2011, under RvR and PvP

Here we are with our latest, and probably final, PvP/Rift gear guide. This latest guide is titled Shimmerlands, Iron Pine Peak, and Stillmoor PvP/Rift gear guide. As you can tell it covers the last 3 zones in the game that all share the same Rift currency and PvP vendors. This is probably the longest guide in this series, check it out by clicking the link above or image below.

Shimmersands, Iron Pine Peak, Stillmoor Rift/PvP gear guide

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Yet more balance updates

by on Mar.26, 2011, under RvR and PvP

Here we go with some more balance updates, a few to surely have an effect on PvP. Look for the highlights below, followed by the full thread:

  • SABOTEURS: Firstly we’re going to roll-back the changes to Charge range; they’ll be back to the same levels as they are on Live at the moment. Regarding damage, put simply some Saboteurs specs are doing far too much damage in both PVP and PVE across multiple level ranges including 50…..
  • WARRIOR: Flamespear, Path of the Wind and Path of the Raptor are having their cooldown times reduced from the 6 seconds that they are on Test right now to 4 seconds.
  • MANA DRAINS: Mana drains right now are a too good and are allowing players to rapidly drain people in PVP, we’ll be increasing the time it takes to completely drain a targets mana for both Void Knights and Dominators.
  • GROUND OF STRENGTH: The stun portion of Ground of Strength is being moved over to be affected by the same diminishing returns used for stun abilities. Like everything else we’ll continue to monitor this ability.

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More PvP changes for 1.1 spotted

by on Mar.25, 2011, under RvR and PvP

Check out the below post from Adam Gershowitz regarding some PvP issues, great news!

Alpha isn't over and we still have a number of issues we are looking at. Specifically two issues that are already on their way up are

* Ground of power stuns now properly work with stun diminishing returns
* Fixed the bug that was causing runesheild to be permanent
* Added a cooldown to runeshield.

All 3 of which are PVP based fixes and will not effect PVE performance.


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Weekend Warriors media 3/25/11

by on Mar.25, 2011, under Media

It’s once again Weekend Warriors media Friday, and we are looking for players to submit their RvR and PvP adventures in the form of videos or screenshots! Send your submissions (through Sunday) with links and contact info to submit@riftrvr.com and be showcased on www.riftrvr.com!

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PvP changes in Alpha 1.1 Patch Notes

by on Mar.23, 2011, under RvR and PvP

So, it looks like the Alpha 1.1 patch notes are out and about just on the heels of last nights announcement of upcoming balance changes. There are some big changes coming with this patch that should make the PvP playing field a little more fun for all parties. I have highlighted some of the big PvP related changes below, follow the link after the excerpt to read the entire list of Alpha 1.1 Patch notes:

  • PvP Souls: The cooldown for Break Free has been reduced to 2 minutes. Improved Break Free now reduces the cooldown by 10 seconds per point spent.
  • Mages: Reduced pushback on all non-healing Mage spells
  • Mages: Increased the base damage on all damaging Mage abilities
  • CHAMPION: Titan’s Strike: Damage has been lowered and the stun has been reduced to 1-3 seconds, down from 1-5 seconds
  • RIFTBLADE: Flamespear: Now has a cooldown of 6 seconds and has its damage slightly increased to reflect the longer cooldown
  • SABOTEUR: Reduced the range of all Bombs and Charges to 15 meters, down from 20 meters
  • SABOTEUR: Reduced the range of Detonate to 15 meters, down from 20 meters
  • SABOTEUR: The outcome and damage of each charge is now calculated individually. When you detonate 5 Blast Charges, you will see 5 damage numbers, each with its own chance to critically hit, rather than one large number
  • SABOTEUR: Improved Blast Charge: Fixed a bug where the armor penetration provided was higher than 25-50%.
  • VOID KNIGHT: Rift Shield: Corrected a bug causing Rift Shield to absorb too much damage. It will now absorb an amount more in line with other absorption shields in the game.
  • THE CODEX, WHITEFALL STEPPES: Fixed a bug where stunning/mesmerizing/incapacitating an enemy player did not interrupt flag captures in progress.
  • WARFRONTS: You can now report AFK teammates in a Warfront

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Places of RvR/PvP Interest page updated!

by on Mar.23, 2011, under RvR and PvP

We have made some updates to our Places of RvR/PvP Interest page! The updates include new hot spots for the zones of Moonshade Highlands and Droughtlands. If you are looking to kill some enemies in Droughtlands, be sure to read the latest additions so you are aware of the nuances in Lantern Hook!

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Server maintenance

by on Mar.23, 2011, under General

Our server will be coming down shortly in order to upgrade the system memory. We should be back in no time, and sorry for the down time!

EDIT 8:58pm: And we are back!

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PvP balance changes incoming!

by on Mar.22, 2011, under RvR and PvP

There is a new thread on the official Rift forums that talks about some upcoming balance changes vs. hot fixes. This is good news for PvP players who have been dealing with (or enjoying) some of these issues. A short summary below of what will be coming in version 1.1 of Rift:

  • We are aware of the concerns about DPS warriors reigning supreme, and we’ve tracked the issue down to a couple of talents that have been seriously misbehaving. In order to not swing the pendulum completely in the opposite direction we do need to tweak a variety of other DPS abilities as well.
  • As promised Mages will be seeing a general bump in both survability and DPS, as well as a few additional tweaks that will be helpful in PVP. That being said please don’t expect to see a massive boost, Mages definitely needed some love, but at the same time some of that comes from tuning down other calling builds that were too good.
  • Saboteurs will also be getting some tweaks, we want to keep the tic.tic…tic….. BOOM game play that makes the saboteur so interesting and exciting, but there were definitely combinations of talents and abilities that were taking things a bit too far.
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